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Flexible dates – year round!

Ditch Saturday travel days with Diamond Gulf Rental’s flex dates.


Most vacation rental companies require Saturday-Saturday peak season stays, making travel on Saturdays just about unbearable. At Diamond Gulf Rentals, we are changing the game and switching up our peak season restrictions to allow guests to arrive and depart on any other day of the week! Skip the traffic, airport lines, and save money with 4-night minimums and flexible check-in and check-out days, year-round.

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Skip Saturday Traffic

Saturday to Saturday restrictions means that guests are coming and going at the same time! Traffic is doubled up and who wants to sit in traffic after a relaxing vacation? With our flexible dates option, guests can pick any other day of the week to check in and out and skip the Saturday traffic.

Save on Airfare

With Saturday being the busiest day of the season to fly in and out of Destin, airfare prices have increased. When you book your stay outside of the standard Saturday-Saturday, you get the opportunity to save money on cheaper flights! Not to mention you won't have to wait in long airport lines.

Vacation On Your Schedule

Whether you're coordinating with family or friends, or just trying to fit a quick trip into your work schedule, our flex dates option allows guests to schedule their vacation on THEIR timeline. With 4-night minimums and flexible check-out dates, our guests aren't boxed in with 7-night minimums and Saturday check-out restrictions. Plan your trip to fit your schedule with ease!