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Travel Protection

Travel Protection: Protect your Vacation from Cancellation, Delays and Emergencies

Travel Protection, also known as ‘Travel Insurance’ is an optional but recommended insurance plan that provides a wide array of significant levels of coverage for when things go wrong before and during your vacation. Protect your trip with confidence!


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What’s covered?

Standard 7% Travel Protection by PLAY TRAVEL PROTECTION is for sudden, unforeseen circumstances that may arise, that could force you to cancel or interrupt your vacation plans. With this plan you protect the money you have invested in nonrefundable deposits and prepayments that can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars. This plan also covers accident and medical costs that in many instances may not be covered by health insurance. While rare, this plan also covers losses from hurricanes, acts of terrorism and other events and situations, all outlined in detail in your policy. Here are some common scenarios where Travel Protection offers benefits.  (If arrival dates are more than 30 days away, may be purchased at any time.  If arrival dates are less than 30 days away, must be purchased at time of booking.  Not applicable to residents of the EU.

  • Trip Cancellations due to specific unforeseen circumstances (review these circumstances below)
  • Trip Interruptions
  • Certain Travel & Baggage Delays
  • Certain Medical & Dental Expenses
  • Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

CANCEL FOR ANY REASON (CFAR) 10.8% Travel Protection by PLAY TRAVEL PROTECTION provides all of the same coverage (and 100% refund for specific circumstances) as above, but also refunds 60% of the money you’ve paid for ANY OTHER REASON!  Not applicable for arrival dates within 30 days of booking date.  (Not eligible for trips with arrival dates less than 30 days away.  For trips with arrival dates more than 30 days away, may be purchased at time of booking or within 14 days of booking.  Not applicable to residents of New Hampshire, New York, or Washington.))

Travel Protection Plan may be purchased HERE or by speaking to a Diamond agent at 850-270-5232. (If you are a resident of NY or HI you must book online)